About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


We are a team of specialised professionals who possess extensive experience in property development, solid project management skills and deep insight resulting in us being capable of seizing great developing opportunities to create wealth for our stakeholders. We have a proven track record of commercial success.


We are focused on delivering results through a highly analytical approach to ensure risks are diminished before entering into any project so that greater certainty and high success rates are delivered across all projects we carry out.


We have a unique budgeting process: through the way in which we analyse budgets, we are able to ensure risks are controlled, alternatives have been explored, and results have been secured before any project commences. This is an effective tool making cost and expenditure precisely monitored to ensure our financial goal is attainable.

Our story

We focus on land subdivision developments and committed to delivering returns for our shareholders through a highly analytical approach with complete transparency.

Through our unique, in-depth analysis tools and extensive knowledge and experience, our astute team of professionals ensures maximum return with limited risks. Our aim is to deliver value and wealth to our stakeholders to ensure we maintain long-term relationships along with the growth of the Company.

Initially established to run as a property development business in Sydney, KITRON is now looking to hold substantial equity interest in a diverse portfolio of assets. Whilst property development remains a key area for us, we are looking to diversify and our aim is to diversify in the following area over the next 10 years:

– Residential Properties
– Commercial Properties
– Agriculture
– Infrastructure